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About Blue Stellar Technologies

Code named as Geeks, we work with the mantra to design, deliver and maintain. Simple.

From implementing a private cloud for a law firm ,to securing IT operations for a medical clinic

From designing network for a animal hospital , to automate order taking for a restaurant.

From round the clock monitoring of your IT to SEO for your website.

For some reason , we love it all and we do it all with pride and a smile.

Engage with us for a nerdy conversation about how Blue Stellar Technologies can help you.

Clients of Blue Stellar Technologies

Blue Stellar Technologies has managed services for IT solutions, has done Social Media Marketing and White Hat SEO.

Listed here are the clients which we have worked with till now:

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Why choose Blue Stellar Technologies?

Listed below are few reasons why you should choose us:

No Hidden Costs

We give you plain & simple quotes and work within that only. No contracts with huge hidden costs. No asterisks or fine prints.

Personal Ownership

Any equipment installed at your place by us is owned by you at far more competitive rates. We pass the hardware discounts we get, to you. Ownership from 'Day One'

Easy Cancellation

Although we don't like loosing our customer relationships, but you're not bound in our contract. There is no hidden cancellation fees. It's a contract, not a marriage.

Exclusive Service

We work at personal level with you, but we are quite professional about what we do. Providing you with high quality service is the reason we exist.

How to contact Blue Stellar Technologies?

Lodge a ticket with a click, a pat on the back by emailing us or make the Geeks happy by just saying “HELLO!"